Summer Whitening Promotion

Our patients often ask us for advice on how to whiten their teeth efficiently and safely. The question often arises as to which option is best:

  1. Custom trays made in the dental office with Dentist diagnosed bleaching agent or the home whitening system.
  2. In-Office power whitening systems.

At Arawatta Dental Centre, we have had great success with in-office whitening in combination with the use of custom trays as maintenance. This can be completed in one session of between one and two hours, and produces immediate results. The results of this process can be almost transforming — as much as ten times lighter than the patient’s original shade. Some patients may notice a slight sensitivity to heat or cold for a day or two following treatment, which can easily be abated with the use of desensitising toothpastes.

Another popular option is the home whitening system with the use of custom made whitening trays. One of the many benefits of this method of whitening is that it is easy to use and mostly an inexpensive way of having a beautiful radiant smile. There is another benefit to tray bleaching as a recent study discovered. Whitening teeth by means of tray bleaching has shown potential of improving oral health by reducing the risk of dental decay and periodontal disease. This effect is potentiated by Carbamide Peroxide that happens to be the active ingredient in the tooth whitener formulation.

As with all our procedures, an initial consultation is important — not only to choose the best possible shade but to make sure that patients are good candidates for whitening. It is also important to remember that the whitening process will not lighten the shade of all existing dental restorations.

So think before you choose the procedure. You can opt for the dramatic (a bright Hollywood white) or a more subtle lightening that may take years off your appearance but not demand a spotlight. We generally encourage a natural look but either way, the choice is yours. Let us know what you have in mind.

For this summer, we will be offering a special for our home whitening system. Do mention this promotion where a professional dental clean and a course of home whitening will cost only $360.00, a reduction from our normal cost of $610.00. We look forward to seeing you very soon this summer for your whiter and brighter smile!

*Home whitening offer valid until 31st March 2014

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The Royal Flying Doctor’s Dental Program

Earlier this June, our practice had the opportunity to volunteer in the Royal Flying Doctor’s dental program based in the Northern Mallee Region town of Robinvale. We had the privilege to be joined by Dr Martin Hall, who is the director of the North Richmond Community Dental Health Centre.  Dr Hall is also the pioneer of the dental program in Robinvale which forms the foundation of the current Royal Flying Doctor’s Dental initiative in the region.


Once offered this opportunity our first question to each other was ‘where exactly is Robinvale?’

We soon discovered Robinvale is located in the northern end of the Swan Hill Rural City Council LGA overlooking the Murray River. With its closest service centers 83km away in Mildura and 136km away in Swan Hill, Robinvale community members draw heavily on their local community for servicing. Robinvale is 400km from Bendigo and 500km from Melbourne.


This area is amongst the most disadvantaged in the state, with very limited access to dental care and a relatively high numbers of recent emigrants, refugees and aborigines. The program has two aims – to provide routine care to the indigenous community via the Murray Valley Aboriginal Cooperative Health Service, and to provide screening programs for dental disease and dental health promotion in the wider community, via visits to local schools, play groups, aged care facilities and to the many agricultural businesses in the region. Contrary to popular belief, the RFDS gets around the area by 4WD rather than aircraft, in this case one which is fitted out with a mobile dental chair, which can be set up in minutes.


The drive from our practice in Carnegie was roughly a 5 and ½ hour drive and while the scenery was very beautiful, it really helped to drill in the fact that Robinvale is such an isolated town. With a population of just over 2,000 people it is unfortunate that many of the local residents did not have the best access to adequate dental care until now.

Throughout the week we were able to provide basic dental care to residents at the local Aged Care Hostel, students at both St Mary’s Catholic School and the local pre-school as well as many patients at the Robinvale District Heath Services. Both dentists were able to switch between working in the dental surgery at Murray Valley Aboriginal Co-Op and visiting local facilities about the town. This system proved to be most effective as we were able to provide better care for the patients.


Not only were we able to provide dental care for those who have previously found it difficult to access dental facilities, we were also able to educate them on how to improve and maintain their oral hygiene.

The program as a whole has great potential. It was very rewarding and a real privilege for our team to be able to have had this experience.

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Introducing….Dr Julien Bundun

julien image

Firstly, all of us at Arawatta Dental Centre would like to thank all our patients for your continued support over the years and for making our practice the success it is today.

With our move to our custom designed dental practice, we are now able to ensure that all emergencies can be seen promptly. In addition, the move has also allowed the practice to provide patients with a greater availability of appointments at times that are more convenient, including evenings and Saturdays.

To ensure this goal is realized, we are pleased to introduce Dr. Julien Bundun as an associate to our practice.
Dr. Bundun completed his dental degree from the University of Sydney in 2010, where he graduated with honors. In addition to his dental degree, Dr. Bundun had also previously completed his undergraduate training in Medical Imaging (Radiography) at RMIT. Upon graduating from dental school, he worked in private practices in both Sydney and Regional New South Wales.

Dr. Bundun brings with him a professional and thorough approach to dental care, along with a gentle and caring demeanor. He is a strong advocate for being the best in his field, travelling to Europe and the United States to learn advanced dental techniques and treatment from institutions and instructors who are regarded as the world leaders in their respective fields.

Dr. Bundun will be able to provide the full range of general dental treatment with emphasis of restorative and aesthetic rehabilitative procedures. He will be available for appointments at present, on Fridays and Saturdays.

We are confident that the level of care and service that you associate our practice with will continue should you meet and be taken care of by Dr. Bundun.

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New Practice Opening!

After a one and a half year exile, we have finally moved back to Carnegie with the completion and opening of our new dental practice.

Occupancy Feb 13_30Occupancy Feb 13_46

The new custom designed practice is not only equipped with the state of the art dental equipment but also interiorly decorated to provide what we hope would be calm and relaxing environment to all our patients. It is our sincere hope that with our new facility, that we will be able to provide all our patients with the best service and treatment that dentistry can offer. It will also be our endeavour to provide appointment times that are convenient to our patients and to be able to manage any dental emergencies within a short and reasonable time frame.

Occupancy Feb 13_09Occupancy Feb 13_15

Once again, we would like to personally thank all our patients who have supported our practice during our time in our temporary practice in McKinnon. Your trust in us is the main reason we continue to strive to be the best that we can be. Thank you also for your continued referral of your family and friends, an honour that we greatly and humbly appreciate. Such referrals are the greatest compliment that we are able to receive from our patients.
All of us here at Arawatta Dental Centre hope to see you again soon at our new practice in Carnegie.
Our new contact details and location are listed below and our mobile number, 0417 762 427 will continue to remain active for the forseable future.

arawatta contactarawatta map

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Neuromuscular Performance Mouthguard On June’s 2012 AFL Football Record

We recently managed to get a mention in the Round 12 , June 2012 edition of the AFL football record. The article call written by AFL reporter, Callum Twomey, who did an impressive job in sifting through lots of scientific and clinical information to produce a well written article that is easily understood by the lay person and even…….by Collingwood supporters :). Feel free to ask us if such an appliance would benefit you in the sport you are involved in when you are next in to see us.

We will continue to see our patient’s at McKinnon until the time when we are able to move to out custom fitted surgery in Carnegie.


Dr Andrew Chio and the team at Arawatta Dental Centre

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Performance Mouthguards

Is there a difference between performance and optimum performance? Of course there is! A split-second faster, a step quicker, an inch higher, a bit more flexibility, a little stronger can make all the difference in your game. Athletes are always in pursuit of an edge, that natural advantage that will help them train and perform better than the rest. For thousands of athletes, including professionals competing at the highest level, that performance advantage lies in a mouth appliance known as the Neuromuscular Mouthguard.

Real Madrid’s soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, world number 1 tennis star, Rafael Nadal and NBA basketball star Shaquille O’Neal are among the myriad of high profile sport stars that attest to the advantages gained by the use of this appliance.

Fig 1. Braced for action: Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his performance mouthguard against Atletico Madrid (March 2010)

Fig 2. Rafael Nadal’s tennis bag contents.(courtesy of the tennis channel.)

Closer to home, Essendon FC team dentist, Dr Andrew Chio, with the team from The Dental Solutions, have also fitted this high tech mouthguard to a core group of players including Jobe Watson, Brent Stanton, Angus Monfries, Andrew Welsh, Henry Slattery, Scott Gumbleton, Brent Prismall and Ricky Dyson for the 2011 AFL season.

Fig 3-5. Jobe Watson, Brent Stanton and Angus Monfries with the NM mouthguards in action. (AFL season 2011)

Other noted AFL players utilising this technology include Jonathan Brown and Simon Black of the Brisbane Lions and Harry Taylor and Joel Selwood from the Geelong Football Club.

Fig 6.Simon Black and Jonathan Brown from the Brisbane Lions during their fitting appointment.

Although the development of mouthguards in sports had been primarily for protection and safety during physical contact, the potential to improve athletic performance by using a properly designed mouthguard is not a new idea. Dentists have, for many years, noted improvements in athletic performance when athletes used a properly designed mouthguard.

However, by the utilisation of the state of the art computerised instrumentation, the NM mouthguard takes these proven ideas to an entirely new level in terms of accuracy and predictability. Based on the principles of Neuromuscular Dentistry the entire fitting and fabrication process is backed by 40 years of science and neuromuscular research.

 Fig 7 and 8. The computerised diagnostic instrumentations used to aid the registration of the optimal jaw position of the athlete which is the key to the efficacy of the neuromuscular appliance

The NM Mouthguard is a sports appliance that is custom-designed and manufactured to each individual athlete/user. The appliance naturally aligns the athlete’s jaw, and in doing so, has been shown to enhance explosive power, balance, range of motion, flexibility, endurance and oxygen flow during training and competition, allowing the user to maximize their performance.

The process of properly aligning the jaw position, as mentioned, is based on the principles of Neuro-muscular Dentistry, which indicate that a “good” bite is achieved when the muscles of the face, jaw and neck are allowed to be at their most efficient state, which is a restful state. This in turn results in an immediate improvement in the following aspects:

  • posture
  • range of motion
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • strength

Fig 9. Angus Monfries and Andrew Welsh from the Essendon FC during their fitting appointment.

Anecdotal evidence and feedback from athletes have also indicated the potential of the appliance to facilitate increased endurance and faster recovery. We believe that these results flow from a combination of factors, including a more efficiently functioning neuromusculature, and enhanced oxygen flow through an increased airway.

Preliminary studies also indicate the NM appliance has the potential to reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol during athletic performance. The appliance which optimises the position of the jaw prevents excessive teeth clenching and relieves pressure on jaw joints. The reduction of both activities in turn reduces the natural production of cortisol, allowing the body to unlock its full potential.

Available as an Upper protective guard (for contact sports), and Lower (for non-contact and training), the Neuromuscular Mouthguard delivers an immediate advantage to your body. No sports drinks, no supplements and no taking chances with your health or career – and the results are immediate.

Fig 10. The upper Neuromuscular Mouthguard and the lower training Neuromuscular Appliance.

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It is indeed hard to believe that it is now winter 2012!

Unfortunately with delays in the building of the complex where our new practice will eventually be located, we are still working at our interim practice in McKinnon. It remains unclear when we we will eventually make the move but all of us remain optimistic that it will be sooner than later. We will  inform all of our patients of our move once a definitive date is known.

On a positive note, the internal fit out of the practice has been completed and is indeed something that my staff and I are extremely proud of. We indeed look forward to the day when we will be able to care for you at our new premises.

fig 1 : The Front desk area of the new practice @ 40 Koornang Road, Carnegie

Once again, I would like to personally thank each and every one of my patients who have continued to support us through our extended relocation process. It is our patients and the support that is extended to us that make us the practice we are today. Although we remain in our interim location, we are still happy to take care of any of your friends and family who are looking for the same level of  dental care that you have been receiving. Your referrals remain the kindest and most valued compliment that you can give us.

We hope to see you again soon.

Dr Andrew Chio and all of us at Arawatta Dental Centre

Until our eventual move, our contact details remains as follows:

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Progress of the fit out of our new practice in Carnegie

After some delays, the internal fit out of the new practice has progressed in earnest. For the first time partitions of the practice have been fitted and the practice is actually taking some form of the proposed final layout.

We are still planning for the move back to Carnegie early in 2012, bearing no further delays beyond our control. We will continue to work out of our interim practice in McKinnon until the move to our final premises becomes a reality.

Finally, we are often asked if we are still accepting new patients to our practice. Our simple answer to that is that we will be more than happy to see your family and friends who have the same aim and standards as yourself, which is to maintain the health of their teeth and gums to highest possible level. Your referral to our practice is the kindest compliment that you can give us and we will endeavour to meet the expectations of every person that walks through the doors of our practice.

Thank you for your continued words of support. It is indeed greatly appreciated and valued.

Dr Andrew Chio and all of us at Arawatta Dental Centre

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Start of construction!

After a few months of unavoidable delays we have finally commenced the fitout of our new state of the art dental facility at 40 Koornang Road Carnegie. At best estimates and pending no further unforseen delays, we should be ready to see our first patient at the purpose built facility in early January 2012.

   Fig 1. The future home of Arawatta Dental Centre as it stands on September 2011.

Thank you for all the kind words of support that we have received over the past few months. Your continued trust in us and the referral of your family and friends to our practice remains the highest compliment that you have given us. For that we are truly grateful and humbled.

We will continue to work at our interim rooms at 160 McKinnon Road, McKinnon until our final move in a few months time, to ensure that you and your family will continue to be able to access the highest standard of care from our team.

Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you, your family and your friends.

Once again, thank you.

From Andrew Chio and all of us at Arawatta Dental Centre

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Our interim practice from the 1st of July 2011

A new name, a new start and a new interim practice location …….for the next few month!

Due to unavoidable circumstances relating to the development of the new practice, we will be relocating our practice temporarily to McKinnon, a short 5 to 8 minute drive from our present practice location at 182 Koornang Road in Carnegie.

The contact details of our interim practice are as follows:

A: 160 McKinnon Road, McKinnon Victoria 3204. (Melway Ref 68 E11)

T: 0417 762 427



We look forward to to continue caring for you and your family at our interim facility until our eventual final move.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in us.

Dr Andrew Chio and all of us at Arawatta Dental Centre

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