Summer Whitening Promotion

Our patients often ask us for advice on how to whiten their teeth efficiently and safely. The question often arises as to which option is best:

  1. Custom trays made in the dental office with Dentist diagnosed bleaching agent or the home whitening system.
  2. In-Office power whitening systems.

At Arawatta Dental Centre, we have had great success with in-office whitening in combination with the use of custom trays as maintenance. This can be completed in one session of between one and two hours, and produces immediate results. The results of this process can be almost transforming — as much as ten times lighter than the patient’s original shade. Some patients may notice a slight sensitivity to heat or cold for a day or two following treatment, which can easily be abated with the use of desensitising toothpastes.

Another popular option is the home whitening system with the use of custom made whitening trays. One of the many benefits of this method of whitening is that it is easy to use and mostly an inexpensive way of having a beautiful radiant smile. There is another benefit to tray bleaching as a recent study discovered. Whitening teeth by means of tray bleaching has shown potential of improving oral health by reducing the risk of dental decay and periodontal disease. This effect is potentiated by Carbamide Peroxide that happens to be the active ingredient in the tooth whitener formulation.

As with all our procedures, an initial consultation is important — not only to choose the best possible shade but to make sure that patients are good candidates for whitening. It is also important to remember that the whitening process will not lighten the shade of all existing dental restorations.

So think before you choose the procedure. You can opt for the dramatic (a bright Hollywood white) or a more subtle lightening that may take years off your appearance but not demand a spotlight. We generally encourage a natural look but either way, the choice is yours. Let us know what you have in mind.

For this summer, we will be offering a special for our home whitening system. Do mention this promotion where a professional dental clean and a course of home whitening will cost only $360.00, a reduction from our normal cost of $610.00. We look forward to seeing you very soon this summer for your whiter and brighter smile!

*Home whitening offer valid until 31st March 2014

About Arawatta Dental Centre

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