The New Practice Layout

fig 1. Layout of the new practice as design by LDA.

If all goes according to plan (this time) the fit out of the dental practice will finally commence in the middle of May. The layout of the practice has been comissioned by Jeremy Edghill from Levitch Design Associates.

Levitch Design Associates (LDA) is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Sydney, servicing Australasia. Established by designer Anne Levitch and dentist Dr Genna Levitch, LDA combines the art and science of healthcare design. With over 25 years experience in the specialised area of healthcare design, LDA have established a wide reputation as leaders in the industry by extending the principles of good design to encompass an integrated therapeutic environment. Their extensive experience and reputation as being one of the premier healtcare design companies in the country is one of the reasons as to why we have chosen LDA to manage the entire process from the predesign to the fit out of the practice.

The new practice will be equipped with 3 state of the art treatment rooms, a consultation room and also a private lounge for our high profile patients who prefer a little more privacy prior to subsequent to their appointments. This lounge will also serve as an area where patients can unwind and relax while undergoing their tensing treatment, which is necessary for the treatment of TMD or in the fabrication of the performance neuromuscular sporting appliance.

fig2: Computerised Diagnostic instruments used in the tensing/relaxation room or lounge.

A high tech sterilisation room will also be fitted out with the latest sterilising systems to ensure that the safety of all our patients will never be compromised. The standards implemented at Arawatta Dental Centre exceeds the requirements normally recommended for dental practices by the regulating bodies. Finally the layout of the practice and offices will also ensure that your privacy when it comes to treatment and financial discussions will always be maintained. The risk of any information being overheard in an “opened planned” practice such as in my current practice will be resolved in the new practice.

Again the hope is that we will be up and running early in the new financial year (early July 2011). As previously mentioned, we will endeavour to keep you ip to date on the “eventual date” when it is confirmed!

Once again Thank you all for your kind support!

About Arawatta Dental Centre

Dr Andrew Chio and Associates 40B Koornang Road, Carnegie, Victoria 3163 Australia
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