We Are Moving !!

When I first began my journey into the dental profession 15 years ago, I could not have imagined that I was actually building a dental family. Dentistry and taking care of the many patients that have put their trust in me is a passion that I have pursued with pleasure and a sense of humility. Many of you have been patients since those early days and in fact, I am now caring for your children.

For the past 12 years I have practiced from my office at 182 Koornang Road. After so long in one location, it is natural to identify the dentist with the locale. It is difficult to envision one without the other. My practice is a success only because of the confidence and continued support and trust that you have placed in me and my staff.

However, in recent times, I have begun to notice that the practice in its current set up was unable to meet the demands that I deem essential to a high quality dental practice. It is for this reason that i am both excited and pleased to announce the pending move of my practice to a new location at 40 Koornang Road, Carnegie, which is less than a kilometre from my current location. The ground floor practice, which is in the central business precinct of Carnegie, will be custom designed and fitted to ensure that the premises will be one of the most modern and technologically advanced dental practice in the area, if not the country. More importantly, the larger practice will also ensure a greater availability of appointments at times that will be most convenient for you.


Fig 1 and 2 :The future site for Arawatta Dental Center in April 2010 and 2011 respectively. Located at the corner of Koornang Road and Arawatta Street, the practice will be sited in the central business precinct of Carnegie.

The new practice will also be renamed and rebranded. Once opened we will be known as Arawatta Dental Center to identify the practice to the location where the complex is located (at the corner of Koornang Road and Arawatta Street). Carnegie Dental Care will continue to remain at the current location under the management of Dr Fiona Hunter. Pending all things going according to plan, I anticipate that my staff and I to be making this move either in June or July this year. There are still many hurdles that will need to be passed before this plan becomes a reality, ranging from the builders completing the project on schedule to the Glen Eira Council giving the final approval to both the building and the practice.

Fig 3: The new logo of our practice.

I will endeavour to keep you notified of the progress and more in-depth details of our relocation in the coming months. At the mean time, I will remain at the current location and will continue to be available to take care of you and your family until our eventual move. My first priority and responsibility is to ensure that this will be a smooth transition for you. Thank you for your continued trust is me and my staff.

With sincere appreciation,

Dr. Andrew Chio

About Arawatta Dental Centre

Dr Andrew Chio and Associates 40B Koornang Road, Carnegie, Victoria 3163 Australia
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